Net Zero Envelope™

The Net Zero Envelope™ is a flexible aluminum chassis that will seamlessly incorporate multiple sustainable products at once:

  • Photovoltaic curtain wall panels
  • Electrochromic glass
  • Super high R-Value glass
  • Sunlighting options that allow natural light 50 feet into your building

We started with photovoltaic glass units, and developed a simple UL Approved wiring system. This flexible system allows us to provide the most energy efficient options in the world. The sustainable electric envelope is not a dream for future generations, it is available now.

The system can be easily installed by any qualified glazier in the United States. Clear instructions for structural, waterproof, and electrical installation are part of the "Multi-Trade Solution" offered with this Zero Energy Building product.

If you are looking for a LEED® Platinum building, you have come to the right place!

Features & Benefits
Net Zero Envelope™
1. All UL Rated PV Panels are compatible with BISEM™ Systems, allowing ultimate versatility.
2. The BISEM™ System accepts any type of infill, including triple glazed insulating glass units and electrochromic glass. Sustainable design possibilities are endless.
3. Waterproof Guaranteed. Fully pressure equalized design delivers superior air and water performance.
4. Offered in both 2-1/2" or 3" wide mullion face.
5. Full BIM and project management support allows for ease of design, fabrication and material orders.
6. Easy installation and training by qualified glaziers.
7. Flexible mullion colors, allowing separate interior, and exterior aesthetic choices.
8. Made in the USA, delivering short lead times and increased LEED points.


Specifications & PDF's
Net Zero Envelope™
Net Zero Envelope™
  • BISEM Factory Wiring

BISEM's parallel wiring enables each panel to output a constant voltage under all operating conditions, allowing all panels to become independent contributors to the array's power bus. It's a new level of freedom for designers. Multiple PV technologies can run side-by-side. Panels on the same wire can face in different directions.

  • Online Electrical Monitoring

Examples: Monitoring Kiosk Example #1 and Monitoring Kiosk Example #2
These two installations are examples of the Monitoring that comes as part of the system in the complete solution.

  • Inverters

We prefer SMA inverters for our installations

  • Southwall R-11 Glass
  • Electrochromic Glass